Some restaurant marketing tactics to attract more customers

To make more profit from your restaurant, you have to make some new marketing strategies. There are many restaurants who use some services from companies like Bistro services. Bistro services is the best restaurant service providers like restaurant menu designing services, restaurant menu printing services, restaurant website designing services, restaurant web designing services, restaurant online marketing services, restaurant consultancy services and many other services. There are several marketing techniques by which you can promote your business.
Sponsor a local marketing team
Make a team that has name after your restaurant and have logos of your restaurant on their t-shirts. In this way, your restaurant get more exposure but you also help your community.
Donate charities
Your restaurant team can team up with any local charity. Provide free food on charity’s annual gala. You can also make a schedule for your team to volunteer at a local food charity.
Appear in the local chamber of commerce
Local chamber of commerce is present in every community that helps to promotes businesses in that local area. You can not only host an events, but also network with many customers.
Appreciate a customer
Appreciate customers by arranging an event for them. Offer customers some deals on food and drinks so that people can line up on the gate.
Grand opening of restaurant
Host a grand opening of your restaurant. It is a simple way to encourage customers to visit your restaurant.
Offer Live music to customers
Call some local talent to your restaurant to entertain your customers. Ask the customers to give their vote to one of the band, whom they want to hear on restaurant facebook page.
Offer a theme party or holiday party
To word out about the theme party, one should post on social media, use the outside signage, renew the old banner for outside, give free drink coupon to existing customers for upcoming event, urge employees to share the event on their social sites, hang flyers of restaurant on community bulletin board.
Try social media like twitter
Select your target audience and set a budget. Twitter is a good place to promote your restaurant business. People like and share the news they like.
Facebook advertisement
There are more options for you for advertising your restaurant. There are more option to target the desired audience on face. Bistroservices are also providing restaurant online marketing services for the restaurant.
Collect customers emails for email marketing
Collect email addresses of your customers wherever you get. Also collect the email addresses from your restaurant’s website.
Send different emails
Try to send offers in emails like, Special offer in which 50% off on two cheese burgers and drinks. It will encourage the new customers to come and help to retain the old customers. You can also send invites through email for upcoming events. If you want to send bulk emails to your customers then you can use email service like mailchimp or verticalresponse.

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May 2016 , May 06
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