Best Ambiance Selection In Designing Services For Restaurants

What is Ambiance?
“Ambiance is basically the environment and atmosphere of a place.”
According to Kotler, it is the cognisant crafting and designing of space to create specific emotional effects in buyers that augment their purchase probability. In hospitality, the hotel ambiance plays a vital role in creating a restaurant image, attract customers and maintain traffic. The attractive designing of exterior and interior will be eye-catching and will drag the people to come to your place.
It is very critical to maintain a competitive advantage in hospitality industry. Now the best service and quality food is not enough to make differentiation, but you have to make the decent and peaceful ambiance. The restaurant which has a pleasant environment can pull customers more easily to visit their place. The unpleasant and ugly place may create bad image even if your food and service is the best one. Eventually customers don’t come back to your restaurant. It results in declining sales and eventually failure of your restaurant.
According to research:
The restaurant ambiance consists of everything which creates customer perception about the place. The design, colour, furniture, building, decoration, music and sound, lighting etc. The purpose to build an ambience is to make your customers feel calm, yet enjoying. Here the concept basically focuses on making customers happy and satisfied so that they will revisit your place and want to come again and again.
According to Horeco, ambiance is a simple decoration that may give hotels a competitive edge. When you maintain the best ambiance, then you have to match your other tools with your ambiance like menu, theme etc. Hence it is very important to essentially recognize and make the restaurant ambiance perfectly to develop the hotel image and sales. Wood and Munoz focused that more awareness is needed for the selection of best hotel's decor, environment and ethnic facts.
There are different elements which make a restaurant ambiance best that includes theme of restaurant, lighting, paintings and artefact, colours, interior, layout, crockery, music etc. All these things made up the environment of a restaurant and make its ambiance attractive and lavish. But you have to sort out that how you can align all those elements with your theme and how you can match your design with it, because if you don’t know the exact theme and you have no concept about it, you will not make your hotel ambience best one.
Following are some elements that can make a restaurant ambience:
Theme of the Restaurant:
First of all collect ideas about the theme of your restaurant and pick up the best one that can narrate the background tale of your hotel.Your restaurant concept is a creative theme that tells an emotional story about the restaurant. If you have picked up the best restaurant concept, then connect the food, service, design, culture and environment according to that theme. For example, if you are opening a place for Indian cuisine you might need people who know Hindi because most of the people who come to your place will be Asians. Your interior should also reflect the Indian culture which is family oriented. You may decorate walls with the paintings of historic places of India,etc.
Colour and Shades:
The next important aspect of ambience is to use proper colours in interior of your restaurant. Try to make sure that the colours you choose should match with your theme. You have to use the selected colours while designing your logo and signs. The colours that you use in branding images, should also be consistent with your interior of the restaurant. The colours also influence the appetite and craving for food. The dark and bright colours enhance appetite, while light colours decrease appetite.
The tone of the restaurant can be set up through proper lighting inside. Lighting is now becoming a complete separate matter which has great importance while designing interior. In restaurants, the lighting should match with the theme. The lighting can be done with variety of objects like lamps, bulbs or candles. If your restaurant has a romantic theme, you may use candles. If you have focus on kids, you may use colourful lights because it attracts them a lot. You may design your interior in such a way that the daylight can easily enter, this will decrease your electricity bills.
Sound and music:
This is a key element of ambiance. According to a research, the guests stay for less time if there is no music in the restaurant. The slow music will make guests relax and create a leisure environment. Try to play music which your guests like.Focus on who is your guest in lunch and who comes at dinner. Then play music according to their taste, this will also make them stay for more time and eat more. You may arrange a live music corner with musicians.
Design and Layout:
The organization and arrangement of different things refer to a layout. It includes the adjustment and designing of furniture, equipments etc. The perfectly designed layout can make customers relax and calm. All the things should be arranged in an order, so that you might save time in arranging them every day.
Artefacts and Paintings:
There are different signs and symbols that can be used to create image and thought about the place. The brand images can be used to communicate information to the people that come to your place. The labels may be used in the name of a restaurant, can make you brand name easy to remember. Just take your time and think about the theme, then design the ethnic images and paintings accordingly. The paintings and images will bring beauty to your place and make your interior sophisticated.
Furniture and Fixtures:
The furniture you design for your restaurant should be comfortable and easy to carry or transfer from one place to another, so that you may change your arrangement after a specific time period. The furniture and fixtures play an important role in decoration and interior designing and a significant element of the restaurant ambience. The arrangement, design and colour of your furniture should be consistent with your theme. The tables and chairs have different arrangements, you may change them. You have to focus on the material and texture of the items and also decide where to place the furniture in your dining halls.
Neat and fresh atmosphere:
Try to maintain a neat atmosphere in your hotel because the dirty and untidy things will make customers go away and never come back again. The clean and organized environment will communicate a positive message to your guests and they will feel comfortable. All the elements in designing ambience should be well organized and well maintained. The neatness and cleanliness should specially be maintained in kitchen and washroom areas.
The employees should always be in proper uniform with clean hands and covered head. They should be formally dressed up if the uniform or dress code is not specific. Moreover, the staff members that have to communicate with the guests should be trained to behave in a friendly manner. They have to train so that their communication skills can be enhanced.
The menu is also a part of your ambience. Try to design it according to your theme and it should also reflect your atmosphere. You may change your menu periodically or improve it with the passage of time. The colour of menu card should also match with the theme. The menu card should be neat and clean.
The crockery includes dishes, plates, spoons, silverwares and linens, which may add to hotel’s ambiance. Using plain white plates will make the ambience bland. You have to keep in mind what kind of crockery will go with your theme.
All these elements don’t require too much cost or time, it just require the understanding and basic designing abilities. The restaurant ambiance has influence the customer happiness and custotisfaction, which will create customer loyalty hence increase your sales and you will enhance your profits. So try to maintain best ambiance at your place. You may consult Bistro Services to get new ideas about improving your ambiance. Stay Connected!!!

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April 2016 , April 13
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