Coolest food trends for the restaurant

Restaurants should keep changing their trends or designs, to keep them in the business. Most restaurants use the designs which are obsolete hence, customers don’t pay any attention to those restaurants. You can see mostly crowded places always have unique or coolest designs and trends. People like to follow the trend as the world is constantly changing, so they want to change themselves with the changing world. Some ingredients are so popular in people that people want to have those ingredients in their diet.Bistro services are offering restaurant services like restaurant consultancy services, restaurant menu designing and printing services, restaurant web development services, restaurant online marketing services and many others.
Oatmeal for restaurant
People are using oatmeal for their breakfasts and they would like to have this grain in their diet. The reason is because oatmeal is light grain which helps to keep tummy full and helps to reduce weight and cholesterol level. For excellent results, you can use oatmeal in your restaurant and serve it with maple syrup or with brown sugar. You can serve oatmeal with coconut milk or with some honey. People nowadays want to change their lifestyle and eating style and turning their lifestyle to healthy lifestyle.
Meat for the restaurant
According to new trend, people like to exclude red meat from their diet.Some restaurants are offering grass eating animals meat which is more good in taste and in health. People like to have steak with some healthy vegetables. Steak with different decoration are popular in masses. According to new trend, people like to eat the meat of grass eating animal than to eat the meat of corn eating animals. You can serve these steaks with different garnishing and with different ingredients. The taste and aroma of the dishes attract the customers towards the new dishes. Try to make new dishes with meat. Customer always want to have something new. Always a new dish with new ingredients inspire customers. New meat trend for the restaurant is to have different meat dishes with different ingredients according to the choice of the people.
A word Koji
Like Pokemon or denim, people like the word koji. Koji is a popular dish. It’s scientific name is Aspergillus oryzae. It is usually served with soya sauce and miso sauce. Its flavour has a special name called umami flavour. It’s aroma attract the attention and its appetizing. It must be tossed with the vegetables before roasting it, you can also marinate koji. This dish has a self taste without adding salt, sugar or pepper. It has somehow ocean flavour or you can say it has seafood flavour which mostly people like.
People like to eat high protein diet. Hence they like chickpea flour. The names of the dishes made from chickpea flour are panisse, cecina, Panelle, and socca. By using the chickpea flour many restaurants transform the dishes like cavatelli, as at Boeufhaus in Chicago, or crepes at Santina in NYC. It has rich texture, sweet flavour, and has high starch content.
New trend Turmeric
Turmeric is used in Eastern medicine. People also drink it with milk and honey. Savory, turmeric and milk shake is also popular in San Diego. Restaurant also use powdered turmeric for their dishes. It is easy way to use turmeric to grind it and save it in powdered form.
Tableware for the restaurant
Glassware is recently in the trend. Many five star restaurants are using gold tableware for the customers. They use pots, dishes, glasses with gold platting. People enjoy those restaurants where they find something new and enjoyable. If gold goes with your restaurant theme, then you must try it. Before making any changes to your restaurant,you must consult with someone. If you think you have to talk with someone who must be expert in restaurant business, then you must consult with bistro services as they are offering consultancy services for different restaurants.

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April 2016 , April 13
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