Latest culinary trends for the restaurant

Restaurants usually follow some trends and these trends are famous in people. The top trend list for food, nutritional products and beverages are compiled by Global Food Forums. According to information which is gathered from different sources of USA and Netherlands, the following list has been given.
The food about which you will hear in future are:
Cooking food from waste or unused food
Around 70 billion pounds of food is wasted each year. To save the food from being spoiled or wasted, it is better idea to use it. In this year, many people are looking to improve this situation by using the unused food to create a delicious alternate dish. For this purpose a community of chefs, food experts, farmers and members of food societies are working.
New Popular dish Poke
Poke is a Hawaiian dish. It is quite famous in various restaurants. According to new food trends, this dish will earn more popularity. This dish is made up of Tuna fish, it is usually marinated in sesame oil and soaked in soy and then served with seaweed seasoned rice.
New Savory yogurt trend
The savory yogurt is a new and famous food trend. People like to have yogurt with some different flavours according to their choice. Like, A dairy Blue Hill provides different flavours of yogurt, they have launched a line of vegetable flavoured yogurt, fruit flavoured yogurt, squash flavoured yogurt and many others. Before applying these trends in your restaurant, you must consult about it with your food experts or senior food consultant. Bistro services are one of the best restaurant services provider which provides services like restaurant consultancy services, restaurant menu designing and printing services, restaurant website designing services, restaurant web designing services and many more.
Algae based foods
Although people were using algae in their food in old times, but this trend is back again. Algae based foods can be dairy products, food thickeners, sushi, gelatin, ortoothpaste. These foods are considered to have nutritional value.
Black raspberries
Raspberries are antioxidants. People nowadays are usually looking for food which is good for your health. Antioxidants food is helpful in removing those oxidizing agents which harm your body. According to some research, black raspberries contain three times the amount of antioxidants than red raspberries.
Sports drinks made from natural ingredients
The soft drinks usually have sugar, colours and artificial flavors in it. People nowadays are turning their attention towards healthy food. Sports drinks do not have the artificial flavours and sugar which affect the body.
Baobab fruit
A tree named Baobab has a fruit which is quite famous. Its species are from Madagascar and mainland Africa. Quinoa is also getting famous because of its high nutritional value. Baobab fruit is high in vitamin C.
Moringa tree
This tree is native to Africa and Asia. This tree is useful in many ways. It is drought resistant, good for the global warming and it can purify water.
Water from tree or fruit
There are different waters which restaurants use for their customers. Like coconut water, maple water and birch water. Upcoming water can be pine water or peach tree water etc.
All these trends are helpful for the restaurateurs who want to bring changes in their restaurants. Make sure that the change which you want to bring in your restaurant must meet with the demands of your customers. Customer is the boss of your business, so follow the feedback from your customers to upgrade your restaurant’s food.

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April 2016 , April 13
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