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Menu is the integral part of the restaurant business. If menu is correctly made,restaurant earn profit easily. There are four types of menu for different types of restaurant. In table d’hote menu, you have to order dish and its complementary dishes in the same price. Like if you want to order a burger & it's complimentary dish is dessert, then you can have it in the same price. In cycled, you have to offer different dishes on regular basis, and on static menu you have to offer same dishes to the customer everyday. In beverages and desserts menu, the restaurant offers only the menu for drinks and desserts but everything is categorized and have price list. Many companies are offering menu designing services to their customers, like Bistro services. Bistro services is a renowned company for providing services like restaurant menu designing services, restaurant menu printing services, restaurant consultancy services, restaurant website development services, restaurant marketing services and more. Restaurant owners find it easy to get their services done by some experts than any ordinary person. Bistro services is the best solution for the restaurant menu development and other services which must require an expert. Before planning a menu, one must ask the chef about his or her expertise.Chef should cook the dishes well which restaurant is going to present to their customers. Also try to know the choice of the customers rather than trying out some new dishes which you like. Always check the menu of your competitors, as it will help you to understand the likes and dislikes of your customers.
The caterer must take care about the menu as it will meet the nutritional needs of the customers. Menu must have variety of food items, as it will allow the picky customer to decide a dish for him or her. Variety also helps customers to choose a right dish for them who are suffering from some food allergies or diabetes. Always remember about the limitation that restaurant have in budget and never exceed than your budget as it will default your all profit. Catering staff must be relaxed and motivated in order to provide excellent customer service. Try to manage the workload for the catering staff. Feedback is a powerful tool which any restaurant can use for its improvement. Seriously check the feedback of the customer and try to fulfill the requirement of the customers. Try to solve the problems of the customers, in this way you will earn the confidence of the customer. Must record the feedback of some special celebrities or some famous people, as it will help in marketing about your restaurant. People like to follow their favourite celebrities and if they see that their favourite celebrity is eating at restaurant, then they will give value to that place. Marketing is also a good way to get attention of the customers. Now, before planning a menu you must think about the customer characteristics like nutritional requirement of the customers, preference which customer will give in selecting food items, the cultural and religious background of the customers, special diets like vegetarian etc. Food characteristics like variety and taste of the food which the customer like, appearance of the food which the customer like to have, cultural and social acceptability of the food which the restaurant present to the customers, seasonal variations in the food according to customer’s choice, dealing with customer in peak hours, and the cost of the food which is acceptable to the customers. Resources which support the menu. Like staffing, finance, preparation and cooking facilities, capacity for the storage of food items. Customer when see the menu, he first check the paper card quality and he understand the quality of the food by checking that out. Good quality must look evenly in everything, either it is a menu or it is silverware. Most of the customers complaint about the light silverware. The weight of the silverware tells about its quality. Menu must have a good and attractive design on its cover which appears good to the customers.
To plan a menu, one must check the previous feedback of the customers about the menu or dishes which the restaurant provides them or any other dietary requirements which restaurant owner think must be added. Plan the structure of the menu, in which restaurant owner must decide about the dishes to offer the customers when the restaurant is open. Like hot dishes, sandwiches, breakfast dishes, snacks, hot dishes, soups and many other dishes. Also decide the dishes for the special day, anniversary, birthday and christmas, easter etc. It is easy for the restaurant owner to develop his own menu if he or she has few things to offer. Restaurant owner can select a cool template for the menu and then create a list in which he or she must separate the dishes in categories. For example, if the restaurant is only offering the sandwiches and rolls, then you have to make catagories on the basis of their type of bread and type of fillings. Good planning for the menu require customer feedback, old menus, new recipes and new ideas and any useful guide for designing the menu. Make a list of one type of item at one time so that you can easily concentrate on the type of the dishes and their prices. Must purchase the standard items for the restaurant, that are same in every restaurant. Plan the main dish for the menu according to the season or day. Plan hot dish or hot snack items for the customers. Plan other stuff like beverages, drinks, sandwiches, rolls, soups etc. Must review the menu each day to know about the flaws. You can check the menu to see the repetition of same ingredients, flavours and colours. Must provide a questionnaire or the feedback form to the customers and to the staff to know about their satisfaction about the current menu.

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April 2016 , April 13
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