What are the important categories that must be added during menu development?

The word Menu is derived from Latin word ‘’Minutus’’, which means something made small. Menu is the basic part of restaurant business. Bistro services is one of the best restaurant service providers , they provide various services like restaurant menu designing services, restaurant menu printing services, restaurant marketing services and restaurant consultancy services etc. Important categories which must be added into the menu development are as follows.
Menu pricing
The most important part of menu is the price of food items. Patrons mostly check the menu of the restaurant first. The most high price food items are usually placed on the top of the menu. The lowest price of food items are placed in the last of the menu. The price of the menu motivates the patrons to purchase their favourite items. The price of the menu items are important because patrons will compare the quality of the food with the price of the food item.
Menu food items
The food items must be according to the likes and dislikes of the people. People like to visit those restaurant where they find the food of their choice. If they find the quality of the food good and also the price of the food is economical than they like to eat in that restaurant. Food items should be kept after doing some research on the dishes. Only those restaurant will earn more profit which takes care about their customer’s choice. Dishes must be according to the feedback of the people.
Menu printing
Menu printing is one of the most important task in menu development. If the print of the menu doesn’t look nice, then you won’t get attention of your customers. The best way to get the attention of the customers is to hire some best designers who have some expertise in restaurant menu designing. The menu printing must be done well in order to get good response from the customers.
Menu marketing
Menu marketing refers to the good presentation of the menu which attract the masses. Once the menu is developed then all you need is to do some promotion. All good restaurant knows well that menu is always supported by good promotion techniques. If your restaurant promote your menu well, then your restaurant will get more customers. Good marketing always works. Some restaurants have their website because they think they can promote their business by making their website.Also posting the menu items of the restaurant on social media sites will also help to get more customers as people use more social sites.
Menu budget
Before creating a menu, must decide the budget for the menu and act according to your budget. Never run after expensive food items which you think are burden on your budget. Mostly expensive food items always affect the budget of the restaurant. So decide the food items logically and carefully. Also check the feedback of your customers, it will give you more & better ideas about which dish you should keep and which you should not keep.
Menu cover designing
The first impression which you get about the dishes of any restaurant is by the cover of the menu. The cover must be designed in a way which look craveable to the customers.
Pictures of dishes in the menu
Vivid and craveable pictures of the dishes gives amazing look. People attract mostly to the bright and delicious looking pictures of the food.According to some study, human brain attracts to bright colours. If pictures of food items are in bright colours, then patrons would have their attention to those food items.
Menu categories
Categorization is the essential part in the menu. For example, if you are offering different types of sandwiches like cheese sandwiches, salsa, ham, beef, bacon etc so you have to write all these sandwiches under the category named sandwiches.

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April 2016 , April 13
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