How Management Can Turn Around a Restaurant

Management is a pillar of every restaurant business. The business depends highly on its management. Managers have to work hard to deal with their customers as well as to operate the hotel and offer best services in the town.
The management of a restaurant is the essential part of the business. The managers and employees play an important role in hotel turnaround. There are different strategies through which you can make managers work in best interest of the restaurant. A stressed or tired manager or employee can’t work for restaurant properly so it is very important to make them fresh, confident and efficient. An efficient and confident manager will be able to handle the sinking hotel by utilizing his skills and abilities. A hotel turnaround depends on the employees and management.
The duties and roles that management has to play includes various activities like managing customer relation, managing subordinates and labour, managing capital, administering stock etc. All these activities are the crucial functions and management is responsible for it.
It is very important that the managers and employees should know clearly about the “Purpose and Objectives” of the business. It is same in case of restaurant business. When performances of managers are aligned with the goal of restaurant, then the chances of hotel turnaround increases. It might be necessary to make every employee either manager or subordinate realize that they are very valuable part of the business. In this way, every employee helps you to make new innovative and creative ways to keep restaurant flourishing. Moreover, they feel free to share their ideas and suggestion with you which will help you in making better plans and ultimately smoothing the way to achieve the goal. Every manager brings new ideas to achieve goals and objectives in future, which can be measured through customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, financial performance and employee satisfaction.
Another major aspect of management is “Communication”. Try to maintain friendly environment within the management and the subordinates, so that they can easily ask and tell you about the related issues. If they feel reluctant to ask something, eventually they can’t handle the problems and then it damages their output as well as affect the restaurant adversely. To establish communication with employees, the informal gatherings help too much. Most of the restaurant owners arrange gathering or a lunch with managers to listen to the problems and issues. The managers feel free to give ideas about the solutions in the informal settings.
The “Staff Training” is also an important variable for hotel turnaround. There is a huge difference between a trained chef and an ordinary cook. Similarly a skilled waiter performs in a better way than an unskilled waiter. There are various training methods from cooking food to serving it. The customers want best food, best services and best experience, so the staffs has to trained in such a way that they can give their best to meet the customer expectations.
Now the key to success is well balanced, well designed and well educated “Team”. The diversity among team members has wonderful outcomes if it is managed properly. The co-operation and collaboration among the members will make a team more effective and make a restaurant successful.
A good manager should have following qualities to turn around a restaurant:
Outstanding customer service abilities to create customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
Business awareness to cope with challenging situations.
Flexibility to assist and direct employees.
Excellent interpersonal skills to handle staff.
Strong communication skills to deal with employees and customers.
Problem-solving capabilities to manage the issues and conflicts.
Organisational skills to run hotel smoothly.
Team management skills to give high level performance.
Effective Planning skills to achieve goals.
Operational skills to lead the operational employees.
Creativity to develop and design menus.
Ability to work confidently under pressure etc.
The hotel business is one of the most challenging businesses in 21st century, as the employees and customers both have to be satisfied and loyal. As you know, if managers are satisfied they will behave calmly with employees and make them satisfied.When employees are satisfied, they will make customers satisfied. If you are successful in making your manager, employees and customers satisfied, you will be victorious.

Bistro Services Researcher
April 2016 , April 13
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