How we can raise the restaurant profit by menu engineering

We can raise the profit level of our restaurant by adding some technology to it. You should know that how you have to design your menu for greater profits. You can make some strategies for your restaurant menu, which include traditional type menus, wine lists, menu boards and more. Menu engineering is a process of achieving profitability and popularity of menu items and how you can achieve the goal of profitability by following the rules of menu engineering. This is the process of increasing the profitability of the restaurant per guest. Many restaurant owners keep the rules of menu engineering in developing the restaurant menu. Menu engineering will help the restaurant to increase the profit. Cost decision of menu development is one of the most important and time consuming work. Some companies are working for restaurants, like Bistro services. Bistro services is one of the most popular company that provides restaurant menu designing services, restaurant menu printing services, restaurant website development services, restaurant online marketing services, restaurant web designing services and many more.
Categorization of menu items according to profit and popularity
The process of categorization of menu items will let you know that how the menu engineering methods can be beneficial for you.
Split your menu into categories and sections
Divide the menu into categories as it will give your customers many varieties. Categories are not set in stone, you can categorize the menu according to your restaurant food items. For example, some common categories are appetizers, entrees, desserts and drinks. There is no overlap in all categories, you can develop the categories according to your restaurant food offering. After making categories, you have to break those categories into sections For example, there are some sections that fit into entrees categories seafood entrees, meat entrees etc. For drink category, sub categories are alcoholic drinks and non alcoholic drinks When you define your sections, separate the distinct type of food items. These categories will elaborate the food categories and sections. It give the customer less time to pick their favourite food.
Place your menu items into one of four quadrants
Make a quadrant by using all food items of your restaurant. Place one of the those food items into one of four quadrants. There four quadrants are stars those are for high profitability and high popularity, plow horse those are for low profitability and low popularity, puzzles are for high profitability and low popularity, and dogs are for low profitability and low popularity. You can add the food items on quadrants according to their value.
Calculate the success of menu items in each of the four quadrants
According to the value of the food items that you made in quadrant, you have to mention that food item in related section. If your food item is popular and profitable, put that in stars. If your food item is popular but low profitable, mention that food item in plow horses. If your food item is high profitable but low popular then place it in puzzle. If your food item is low profitable and low popular then place it in dogs section. You have to rank the profitability and popularity in categories first after that rank the sections. Placing data into the correct location in the menu will let you know what food items are profitable for your restaurant business. For example, soup and salad special comes in plow horses.
Do’s and don’ts of the menu development
While developing the menu, you have to take care about certain things. If you want to highlight the menu items, you may need some space. If the menu item is not written properly with spaces, then menu doesn’t looks attractive. If you increase the number of items with highlighter,s with visual cues, it will decrease the value of your bottom line and your menu will look cluttered. Only highlight one item in each category. According to some studies, by adding high quality pictures of food items in your menu can increase your sales at about 30%. Use the same technique for adding pictures. If you add more pictures of food in your menu, you will never get a good impact of your menu. When you use more highlighted menu lines, customers cannot easily focus on one item and same is true for pictures. Always use highlight and pictures for profitable and popular food items. Food pictures and highlight will leave a good impact on the customers and customers would like to order those food items which they find more attractive. Do not list the prices of the menu in a column right side of the menu. Write the prices after giving two spaces after the end of the food item description.

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May 2016 , May 06
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