New Ideas For Menu Development

Menu development is the basic function of a restaurant. When a hotel is not frequently analyzing what it offers to its customer and how much of its food is selling, there is high risk in the business. The trends in restaurant business is fluctuating every day. The hospitality and restaurant industry face an ever-changing situations, as the tastes and expectation varies from customer to customer and obviously ways to cook a particular dish varies and alternative ingredients are being used to cook the similar dish. So the restaurant employees should be aware of the changing trends in the taste and preferences and the desires of their customers.
The menu of a restaurant is not only a list of meals and prices, but it is now becoming a marketing tool for restaurants. It shows the theme of the restaurant, so it has to be designed carefully. A successful restaurant is the one which has the best menu. It is a document that shows the concept, special offers, signature deals etc.
A hotel menu has three basic parts:
It is the major part of the menu. It includes the name of food items and the ingredients. It should be kept in mind that you have to describe you food items precisely that attract the customers. Sometime a single ingredient clicks a customer and he orders the food just for that specific ingredient e.g. Olive oil is an attractive ingredient for a diet conscious customer.
The arrangement of the food items is helpful for the customers. You can make different categories in the menu and place the food items in those categories. You can make lunch and dinner menus. There are different categories in a menu i.e. Starters, Entrees, Salads, Specialities, Desserts, Drinks and Beverages etc. The arrangement of the dishes can increase sales of the restaurant. Moreover, customer feels comfortable to select the dishes.
Besides food items and their description, the prices of the dishes should be clearly mentioned as it is convenient for the customers. You can decide prices by calculating the cost of preparing food.
There are different types of menus:
Daily Specials
Happy Hour
Kids Menu
Menu for 60+
Catering Menu
Lunch Menu
Brunch Menu
Buffet Menu
Vegetarian Menu etc.
The daily specials include different food items on particular week days, i.e. Meat on Monday etc. The kids menu has healthy and colourful food items like desserts or shakes. You can add small or junior burgers to kids menu because children eat little amount of food. You may design a separate menu for old age customers like sugar free food items or dishes having low cholesterols etc. If you are offering catering services, you may design a separate menu for it. The brunch menu is usually designed to attract people towards your restaurant. Besides regular food item, you have to introduce some new dishes to make changes according to the fashion in restaurant industry. You need to be creative while bringing new items to your menu.
You may get different suggestions in the following ways:
Get Ideas from customers.
Allow your chef to create some new dishes. You may taste it yourself or present to you customers to taste.
You can consult any magazine.
You may pick new ideas from the trends like healthy eating or low priced menus etc.
Optimize or modernize your cooking methods.
When you have created new ideas and decided to make a new dish or introduce it in your menu, you should have a comprehensive planning to execute the procedure to make that food item. The planning may include the cost of the dish, ingredients needed, method to prepare, time to cook food etc. Before adding the new item to your menu, you should have to make changes to it by getting feedback from customers.
We will bring some more ideas to develop and redesign menus. To get more ideas, stay connected to Bistro Services!!!

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April 2016 , April 13
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