Popular trends in restaurant

Restaurants are not the same like before. Restaurants are now changed after the technology take over. People like to socialize, they interact on facebook, twitter and other social network sites to discuss about their favourite dresses, shoes, accessories, food etc. When they talk about food, then they also talk about best restaurant in town. People like to dine in to those restaurants where they feel comfortable. People change their food trend to healthy food. People now like to eat healthy food rather than junk food. Technology has played a major role in changing our lifestyle and diet. People like to eat healthy food and want to visit only those restaurants where they find healthy food. Some people who are suffering from heart disease, diabetes, celiac they want some special food items and if you provide the ingredients in the menu, then the customers can easily know the effects of the ingredients of the dish. Bistro services is a company which provides services for the restaurant. Bistro services provides services like restaurant website development services, restaurant menu designing services, restaurant menu printing services, restaurant web designing services, restaurant online marketing services and many more.
Online food delivery services
According to new trend, people like to order food online. Google play a vital role in online ordering system. People like to order the food delivery from google by searching the website of their favourite restaurant. If a restaurant has its own website, then customers feel free to order a delivery from their favorite restaurant. The website create high profit for the restaurant, when people order their food delivery online. Online food delivery have other charges than only food so it will be profitable for the restaurant business. Online ordering is in the trend nowadays and people search good and nearest restaurant from google searches or they will find the restaurant on social media websites like facebook, twitter etc. People want to spend their time at home and rest after a long day, so most of the people order online food from the restaurant which they believe is food for providing best quality food for reasonable price. People are turning their lives into ease and comfort. They want to give more time to their families. People can get all the information which they require to visit the restaurant. Restaurant can earn more promotion by creating their logo and publishing it on their take away bags etc. Many restaurants give gifts to their customers on ordering some food items.
Healthy menus
People are turning their food into healthy food. They want to eat good and keep themselves healthy. People nowadays hardly find time for exercise so they want to eat healthy to keep themselves stay fit. Restaurants are also working to make their menu that may have healthy food items. Customers don’t like to have a food item in which they find chemicals or additives. They want to have fresh and healthy food. Many restaurants like McDonalds, Panera Bread, Chipotle, and Subwayetc are not including ingredients which have additives or chemicals.
Vegetable cuisine
Vegetables are more in trend nowadays. People like to eat vegetables and fruits to lose their weight. People now want to eat vegetables than eating meat. As obesity is a big issue and people want to keep themselves smart and fit, so they want to eat something which won’t increase their weight. Restaurants are also looking forward by producing some dishes made up of vegetables. Those vegetable dishes have high health benefits and customers can find them appetizing and delicious.
No Tip for the staff
Some restaurants have made a new policy for their customers, as they will not take tip from their customers. After applying that policy many restaurants increase the pay to their chefs and other staff. On the other hand, some restaurants have increased their charges. But it has become a trend in many restaurants to not to ask for any tip from from the customers. Some restaurants which are following this policy are The French Laundry in Yountville, California and Alinea in Chicago. Now restaurants charge more for the starters and other food items as the customer have to pay the complete bill.
Dining in Retail store
Many people are dining in retail stores, the reason is that they can socialize there easily, as when they will order the food items online then they have no possibility to socialize with people. They would find cheap food and they can go for shopping. The customers can go for the clothes shopping, they can go for bowling alley, movie theater, supermarkets and convenience stores. Customer can get various things under one roof and it will save their time.

Bistro Services Researcher
April 2016 , April 13
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