Some rules for profitable restaurant business

There are some important rules that every restaurant must follow in order to get more profit. Some restaurant owners don’t pay attention to day to day sales and food quality, which leads to low sales or loses. Best idea is to check the feedback of your customers and compare your business which other counterparts to know where actually your restaurant stands. For consultation many restaurant hire some experts, who can guide them well about restaurant business and they also provide them restaurant services like restaurant menu designing and printing services, restaurant website development services, restaurant consultancy services, restaurant online marketing services and many others.
Estimate the operational cost of the restaurant
According to some study, average food cost of traditional restaurant is 29 to 31%. If you know about the costs of goods then there are more chances that you can create a profitable menu without charging the customers too much. The profit margin of your restaurant is considered highest when your restaurant menu offer food items between $15 to $25. It is good for the restaurant to buy local food, because they are fresh and good in taste and cheap as compared to frozen foods. To ensure the effective cost and reduce waste, order the correct amount of food from vendors. Try to reduce the cost of most expensive item in your menu, when you get chance to do so. This tactic will increase the sales and you get more profit from your restaurant.
Categorize the role of staff in your restaurant
You can not do all the roles in your restaurant, like you can not open the restaurant on your own, you can not cook all the food for your restaurant, you can not greet the customers, you can not serve to the customers, you can not bartend, you can not clean the restaurant, you can not run the accounts books, you can not close the restaurant all on your own. So when you hire the staff for your restaurant, you must hire those whom you can trust. The important staff of the restaurant like accountant, chef, manager, bartender, and servers must be trustable and loyal to their job and with you. Leave the task which you don’t want to perform on your sub ordinates, as they will do those tasks well.
Greet your customers
It is a good practice to greet customers when they enter the restaurant. Customer get a good impression of the restaurant when they see how the waiter greet them and guide them about the restaurant. Customers will never forget the best treatment and kind words from restaurant staff.
Try to know about the choice of your customers
It is important to know about the choice of your customers. If your restaurant is located in a place where people like to have huge portions in their meal and if you offer them less portions, then it will be a disaster for your restaurant. If you have something in your menu which is not for selling then try to remake the dish or remove it from the menu.
Make a marketing plan for your restaurant business
Every business needs advertisement. It is good to get the customer and make them satisfied from your services, so you can make a word of mouth business. There are various advertising options like Tv, internet, newspaper or radio but you have to chose advertising according to your budget.
Promote your business by developing your website
If your restaurant don’t have a website, then you have to create one. It is easy for the customers to find the website and collect information like phone number, menu, address, and hours. You can also connect with your customers through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google+, Foursquare, there you can interact with your customers, get the polls, customer responses to reviews etc.
Offer an online menu for home delivery
It is good for your revenue and your inventory to keep the kitchen busy. For that you may offer online menu on your website to get orders from the customers online or on phone call. By doing that, you will earn more revenue and have more sales. The home delivery benefits those customers who do not have time to go out and dine. It also increases your daily sales and increase revenue of your restaurant.

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April 2016 , April 13
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