Technology trends in restaurant industry

Technology brings power to different businesses,including like restaurants. People like to order their favourite meal online. There are many different mobile apps for the food, restaurant and consumer ordering. Mostly restaurants are trying to find out how technology can be beneficial for their business. Now, experts are working on mobile secure payment processing, labour optimization, mobile commerce, and omnichannel engagement. Some companies are providing restaurant services like restaurant menu designing services etc.Bistro services is one of those restaurants which provides restaurant website development services, restaurant menu designing services, restaurant menu printing services, restaurant consultancy services, restaurant web designing services, restaurant online marketing services and many other services.
New payment methods
Data security is a very big issue. People want to choose secure and safe payment methods. Many payment related breaches are still continue and experts are using different technological methods to cater this problem. Large chain cyber attack on the restaurant online payment accounts are the big issue for those restaurateur who has small restaurant business as compared to big restaurant owner. Every restaurant must have authentic data security measures to protect the payment network of the restaurant but also to protect the card data of the customers. Due to cyber attacks on the customer’s credit cards, now customers like to use mobile wallet because these are more viable and secure alternative for payment. Some customers and restaurateurs think it's a difficult method of money transfer. For example samsung pay, apple pay, and google pay had a hard time in changing the mind of their customers to use this technology. Now, there is a battle between different mobile venders to win the customer’s satisfaction. Although, the mobile payment method eliminate the chances of cyber attacks. The idea for the restaurant is that, they should pick that mobile payment service which their customers are using. Invest only on those platforms which helps you in your restaurant business, those platforms which also help you to fulfil the demands of your customers in long term, say for the three or more years. Restaurants using this technology for their customers and their personal convenience and safety. Restaurants must hire some data security experts to cater the security issues in the restaurant payment method.
New marketing techniques
When you talk about marketing, you talk about promoting your business. The business promotion is not so easy, but internet is making it possible. Now any business can easily be promoted by using online marketing techniques. People spend more time on the internet nowadays, they use internet to surf, to interact with their family and friends, to search different information etc. Restaurant owners like to hire some search engine optimization experts, who can help them to promote their business on the internet by using online marketing techniques. Some restaurant owners hire some companies who had experience in promoting the restaurant business. Like Bistro services is one of the most reliable and famous company which provides restaurant services like restaurant online marketing services, restaurant website development services, restaurant web designing services etc.
Engagement of mobile consumer
People now like to transfer their payments or bills through mobile payment methods. In Forrester Research, it is said that those customers who place their orders online are more loyal to the brand. It is also said in another research that those customers who place order online visit the restaurant more often than those who doesn’t place the order online. The mobile ordering has strong impact on restaurant’s bottom line. Some restaurants launched their apps on the mobile phone in order to get the online orders from the customers. Never think that if you have created an app it will surely attract huge number of customers for your restaurant. Customers can only be attracted if you made your app easy to sign in, easy to place order and easy to add or redeem loyalty points. If you don’t make the app exciting, and easy for your customers, they may not use that app again.
Employee productivity
Every restaurant have their customer engagement strategy. Employee must know his or her targets. If any server know that he is near to reach the incentive, they work hard to sell more desserts on the saturday night. Customer focused technology have direct impact on employee productivity. Benefit of customer self ordering by mobile online ordering system or else, is the ability to optimize the labour cost by streamline the ordering process by giving more attention to serving guests or in kitchen production.
If you will give the choice to the customer to pick the best method to interact with you, it will give more strength to your team to face the guests more confidently.

Bistro Services Researcher
May 2016 , May 06
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