Types of menu and menu development

There are many types of menus. It depends upon the restaurant owner that which menu he or she will select. Menu is the important document which tells about the food items which are offered by the restaurant. Menu decides the business plan for the restaurant. Fast food restaurant usually have the same menu but fine dining restaurant usually change their menu. Some restaurants have a menu in which they offer multi course meals and individual dish menus. Sales can be maximized by offering special dishes on special occasions, beverages and desserts. Bistro services are the best services for the restaurant, as it provides the best restaurant menu designing services, menu printing services, menu web designing services and website development services so that a customer can order their meal online.
Menu type Table d’ Hote
A menu in which customer can get several meal at one price. Caterers usually offers banquet menu, menus based on taste, children menus and they also offer single use menus for holidays like Thanksgiving, easter, valentine’s day, christmas and for many other occasions.
Menu type A la Carte
In this menu, the dishes are categorized and each dish has different prices according to their category, like for starters the menu have separate category and for the seafood menu have different category and each category have different dishes which have their separate prices. Here customers have to select individual dishes to make his full package for the meal. This menu cost more than the table d'hote menu. Some restaurant offers course of menus in which they used both types of menu the table d’hote and a la carte. In a la carte menu, customer will get more options for food items as compared to table d’hote menu.
Menu for beverages and desserts
Many restaurants create a dedicated menu for the beverages and for the desserts in order to get more sales. This type of menu get all the items for beverages and all items are categorized with their price lists. Dessert menus can consists of coffees or tea. These type of menu gives more varieties to the customers in beverages and dessert options.
Menu type Static and cycled
In static menu, restaurant offer the same dishes which they offer the customers in whole year along with the occasional changes for holidays etc. Static menu is mainly followed by fast food restaurant. Fast food restaurants mostly offers sandwiches, drinks and they will remain same for the full year. Cycled menu are used by school cafeterias, these menus can be changed on weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
Menu development
Always select the menu which is best suited for your restaurant according to the research which you’ve conducted on the customers. Like Static menu is good for the fast food restaurant and cycled are appropriate for the institution’s mess or cafe. Select good quality of paper for your menu. Pictures should be included in your restaurant’s menu as it will give good impression of your restaurant. It’s always a good idea to get the services from the companies which specifically works for such tasks. Bistro services is also offering restaurant menu designing services,menu printing services and many more. Price list must be attached with the pictures in the menu, so customers will get complete idea about the food items and their prices.

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April 2016 , April 13
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