Useful tactics for turning around a restaurant

There are many techniques to turn around any failing restaurant. Before checking the tactics for turning around the restaurant, one must know the root cause of restaurant failure. Restaurant usually fail because of the inappropriate menu, inappropriate location of the restaurant, inappropriate exterior and interior design of the restaurant, unsatisfactory catering services of staff and high prices of dishes and low quality of the food items. It is better to check the feedback of the customers before making any changes in your restaurant. The budget of the restaurant is also another issue which should be dealt carefully. Restaurant owner must consult about the budget of the restaurant with the accountant of the restaurant. It is much better to talk about the budget issues and decline in sales issues with any expert, who has experience in restaurant business. Many companies are providing the services to the restaurant owners like restaurant menu designing services, restaurant menu printing services, restaurant marketing services, restaurant consultancy services, restaurant website developing services and many other services. Bistro services is one of the best companies which have expertise in providing all these services in economical prices.
Restaurant owners must consult the problems which they are facing in their restaurant with any expert or with any company which handle all the issues of the restaurant. The feedback of the customer has more importance. You have to check the weak areas which you need to turn around. The areas can be the catering services, the limited parking area or may be no parking space provided by the restaurant to the customers, unsatisfactory food items provided by the restaurant or unsatisfactory portion provided by the restaurant in high prices, no speciality provided by the restaurant to the kids or to the people who are suffering from some disease like diabetes, celiac etc. Restaurant owners must review their old menus to check the flaws. People, especially kids like to see their favourite cartoon characters. So if your restaurant is offering special offering to kids, then it must have some interior and exterior design which shows those cartoon characters. Little gifts to kids has more value according to the customers. Restaurants must get reviews from the customers. Restaurants must allocate a staff member to collect the reviews from the customers. Those reviews tell the insight story of the restaurant. It is better to ask the customer that what is the worst thing you find in this restaurant, rather than asking how was your dining experience today. Must offer the customers some gifts or half price coupons as a reward for giving their valuable reviews. Customers are sometimes dissatisfied with the hygienic conditions of the washrooms in the restaurant. Many customers stated in their feedback that if the washrooms of the restaurant are not clean, then it means kitchen would be same. The silverware that you offer to the customers must have some quality as it defines the quality of your restaurant. Once you make a decision about your restaurant, later that decision defines your restaurant. So make careful decision in selecting the silverware for the restaurant, curtains for the restaurant, showpieces for the restaurant, interior designs of the restaurant, tableware of the restaurant and other stuff in the restaurant. Food items which you offer in your menu must be carefully chosen as it would be possible that your competitors were offering the same food items in less prices. Always take second opinion before taking any decision. You must aware about the customs and norms of the place where you are developing your restaurant. For example, in China people like to eat rice and seafood more as it is their traditional food and secondly because their people like those dishes.
Hire experienced staff if your budget allows you. As experienced staff doesn’t need any training, but if you will hire inexperience and fresh staff, then you have to provide them training. Recently, restaurants are hiring fresh and young people as they are more energetic, ambitious and more focused on their jobs. Good restaurants not only inspire customers, but they also inspire their staff by providing them gifts on their monthly or biannually performance or giving them bonuses. If the staff of the restaurant feel that they have a secured job, then they will surely provide excellent services to the customers. If the location of the restaurant is not easily accessible for the customers, then it is another hurdle in the success of the restaurant. For that issue, restaurant must be located at a place which is easily accessible to the customers and it should have a wide parking space. If the marketing of the restaurant is not good, then it cannot earn good profit. Promotion is another way to earn the attention of the customers. Marketing can be done on the social media, on print media or on the digital media like television. All these media are the ways of communication and by these medias one can convey their message to others. ‘Bistro services’ is also offering marketing services for the restaurant and due to those services, many restaurants are earning more profits. It is good for a restaurant to have a website. Website defines the vision of the restaurant, the menu which a restaurant offers to their customers and customers can leave their feedback about the food which they ate at the restaurant. If restaurants have an interactive website, then it can receive online orders from the customers and this is how the restaurant can earn more profit. There must be a regular check on the prices of the food items as compared with the competitors because if your competitors are offering the same food items with same quality on cheap rates, then definitely your competitors will earn your customers.

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April 2016 , April 13
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